Everyone’s mouth is unique, which can make giving an exact cost for dental treatment difficult. At Harborne Dental we prefer to meet our patients for a consultation to discuss your personal needs and aspirations, this allows us to explain your various options before providing you with a bespoke Treatment Plan and costs. This plan will be based on our Fee Guide and membership plan below.

Practice Membership From only 56p per day! From only 56p per day!
Free emergency examinations
Routine examinations & hygiene sessions (2 per year)
Free oral health prevention and fluoride application
Exclusive 15% discount off clinically required treatment
Eligibility to request assistance from the Worldwide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme (please see the Scheme Handbook for more information).
Maintenance Plan Extensive Plan (additional hygiene session, 2 per year) Implant Maintenance Plan(longer appointments) Implant Extensive Plan
£25.25 per month £40.00 per month £25.25 per month £40.00 per month
Treatment   Price Membership Benefit***
New Patients      
- First Visit Consultation   £80.00 n/a
- Emergency Consultation   £100.00 n/a
Existing Patients      
- Routine Dental Health Examination   £48.00 Included
- Routine Emergency Examination   £60.00 Included
- Small   £15.00 Included
- Large   £60.00 Included
Hygiene Therapy      
- Single Session from £88.50 Included
- Extensive Session from £118.00 £100.30
Teeth Whitening      
- Home Whitening (Opalescence)       £350.00 n/a
- Dual In-Surgery & Home Whitening (Enlighten)       £650.00 n/a
Teeth Straightening      
- Invisalign® from £3,900.00 n/a
- Fixed Orthodontics from £1,500.00 to £4,500.00 n/a
White fillings
(Composite Bonding)
- Small from £80.00 £85
- Medium from £125.00 £106.25
- Large from £250.00 £212.50
Veneers from £545.00 £463.25
Onlays from £495.00 £420.75
Crowns from £595.00 £505.75
- Adhesive from £695.00 £590.75
- Conventional from £1,200.00 £1,020.00
Root Canal Treatment      
- Anterior from £375.00 £318.75
- Molar to £645.00 £548.25
- Acrylic and Metal framed from £399.00 £339.15
  to £1,400.00 £1,190.00
- Simple from £110.00 £80.75
- Complex from £250.00 £170.00
- Pre-assessment   £60.00 n/a
- Sedation - Intravenous from £250.00 n/a
Implant Placement from £1,250.00 5% Off Restoration with Implant Plan
Implant Retained Crown from £1,050.00 5% Off Restoration with Implant Plan

*For an accurate cost of treatment, a consultation with your dentist is advised.
**Fees correct as of January 2021.
***Patients on a Membership Plan are entitled to a 15% discount on clinically required treatments.

Practice Membership PLANs

Our Membership Plan benefits include:

  • 2 regular dental appointments which provide a clinical examination, a check for oral cancer and routine x-rays when clinically necessary
  • 2 regular hygiene appointments to provide a scale and polish, periodontal advice, and Preventative techniques to reduce decay and gum disease.
  • All treatment planning for your future dental needs
  • All subsequent remedial work within 12 months of recommended restorative work
  • A discount on all laboratory based treatments ie crowns, bridges and dentures

Our Membership Plans are available from as little as £20.00 per month

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